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Youth Empowerment for Tomorrow's Leaders


Teenager, Health and Wellness in Jacksonville, FL
  Lead your teen down the path to youth empowerment with assistance from the SOL Connection. We specialize in helping teens develop leadership skills through relationship building and communication training. You will watch with pride as your young person takes control of his or her destiny on the path to achievement. Watch your child blossom into a confident individual with youth empowerment training from us in Jacksonville, Florida.

Leadership Skills
We focus on cultivating effective leadership skills through workshops that bolster teens' confidence. Training includes examining The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey, which includes being proactive instead of reactive. We teach them how to react to certain situations for peaceful resolution.
Relationship Building
Your child will learn how to thrive in healthy personal and professional relationships with our help. We examine the inner and outer core of relationships so that youth understand how to effectively deal with particular situations at school or home. They understand how the relationships they build today can shape tomorrow.
Self-esteem training shows your child how to protect his or her reputation and build on first impressions. We hold motivational guest speaking seminars where we discuss real life experiences that uplift and encourage young girls in particular to strive for greatness.

Your child gains self-esteem, confidence, and a sense of self-worth through positive thinking. We teach our teens the importance of a positive body image—being comfortable in his or her skin while accepting the person they are. They also learn how to overcome social issues, violence, and peer to build confidence. Overcome Social Issues, Bullying and Peer Pressure while Building Self Confidence.

Gender Specific Program
The SOL Connection uses a holistic, gender specific dare to be Queen and King curriculums to create upstanding men and women. We bring a variety of topics together and explore different issues such as, "Molding Young Girls into Young Ladies who become Phenomenal Women."

Teen, Youth Empowerment in Jacksonville, FL

Family Engagement 

Educational Advocacy Services
Become more involved in your child's education with our parent-teacher conferences and parent workshops. 


Lean & Earn

Each One Teach One

The SOL Project

Character Building
Do you react too fast or impulsively? Do you get jealous easily? We teach you how to be kind and respectful by thinking before you react and listening effectively.

Motivational Guest Speaking
We motivate, inspire, and transform youth.

Teenager, Health and Wellness in Jacksonville, FL


Communication Skills
We define open communication and how to communicate effectively to make a point. If your child can communicate clearly, he or she finds their voice and becomes a more productive adult. Effective communication also helps build healthier professional and personal relationships.
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